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12 Jun 2015

Workshop and Servicing

Servicing and Workshop


Our bike workshop mechanics are best in class.Our workshop has all the necessary tools and parts to get your bike fixed up and back on the road, usually with a same day service. If the repair requires a specialist part then we can special order it in for you and book your repair as soon as it arrives. Our workshop team are happy to answer customer queries andgive good honestadvise to help youdecide what level ofservice your bike needs.

In order to give you a transparent overview of pricing for all our activities carried out inour workshops, we have listedapproximate cost below. All prices serve as a guideline and can vary depending on the age, condition and typeof bike.

Please note: There will be an additional labour charge for fitting new parts and accessories e.g.Brake blocks, cables, chains ect..

Workshop Charges

Non Geared Bike Services

  • General - $69
  • Premium-$149

Geared Bike Services

  • General- $99
  • Premium - $199

Workshop Charges

  • Tube/Tyre Fit - $10
  • Bar tape install - $20
  • Gear Adjustment from- $25
  • Brake bleed from - $30
  • Accessory fitting (i.e Pedals )from- $5
  • BikeBuild- from box - $79
  • Wheel true from - $35
  • Custom Wheel build from- $60
  • Groupset Install from- $199

**Please call in store for a full breakdown on inclusions